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Sell your Ferrari

Why advertise your Ferrari on Prancing Classics?

  • One-stop shop for Ferrari buyers and sellers

  • Big network of both buyers and sellers

  • Dedicated Ferrari platform run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts

  • Build on passion for the brand


Prancing Classics started on Instagram just out of passion for the great brand. Because of proper marketing skills we already have over 450.000 followers on our Instagram pages, including many Ferrari collectors, owners and traders (and still growing every day!). This makes sure we have a big network of both buyers and sellers and a well known name in the market. is the only place to buy and sell just Ferrari’s via; before, people had to advertise on multiple general platforms because a place like this, just for Ferrari’s only, didn’t exist. From now on only advertising on is enough!

The founders of Prancing Classics have a big passion for the brand and a great network which is shared with many enthusiastic Ferrari owners in for example the multiple “Prancing Classics Owners” WhatsApp groups and of course on our big social media pages. Also, there are many great stories about anything Ferrari related to find on this website under the heading “blog”, which is interesting for any Ferrari enthusiast.

All the things mentioned above are good for the visibility of your advertisement!

Advertise packages

There simply is no other place to advertise your Ferrari on, ticking all these boxes.

Most popular package

Ferrari marketplace


Single Slot

€ 24,95

For one month

Ferrari marketplace


Monthly subscription

€ 249,50

Every month

Ferrari marketplace


Yearly plan

€ 2.495,00

Every year

The only place to buy and sell just Ferrari’s

Classic Ferrari
Ferrari for sale
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