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Prancing Classics

We welcome you on our site. Our goal is to give you, as a buyer, the best user experience in search for your next Ferrari. If you are  a seller we give you the opportunity to sell your car on the most dedicated Ferrari platform in the world. In doing so you are not only selling your car but also sharing the passion for the great brand from Maranello!

Please let us introduce the people behind Prancing Classics:

Jochem Welberg

Jochem Welberg


“Since I was a kid, cars always caught my attention. When I was about 12 years old, I understood it wasn’t all about the ‘latest and greatest’ and my passion for classic cars really started to develop. Unfortunately, I also discovered many people my age had no interest in classic cars. When you asked them for their opinion on any classic car, all they would say is they had no interest in a slow Volkswagen Beetle or rusty Citroën. My conclusion was that they did not have any interest in classic cars itself, but that they simply didn’t know the existence of the many beautiful and fast classic cars that were made. Speaking about beautiful and fast classic cars; for me it was the Ferrari’s

So, I developed a big passion for Ferrari’s, but no peers to share it with. When I was about 16 years old I asked myself the question: “Where do I reach many young people to be able to make them enthusiast for Ferrari and share my passion for the brand with the prancing horse?” The answer to this question was social media and to be more precise; Instagram! I created an Instagram account called “Prancing Classics” to share beautiful content of (mainly classic, although nowadays more and more modern) Ferrari’s which helped me to gain many young followers who also got excited about classic Ferrari’s! Of Course I didn’t only reach my generation, more and more people who privately own or collect Ferrari’s or people who trade Ferrari’s for a living, started to follow me as well. The process was breathtaking: I was just a 21 year old, with a big passion for Ferrari and had over 450.000 followers in total. Besides that I was in great contact with many Ferrari owners every day, which resulted in many dedicated Ferrari Owners Whatsapp groups that I started managing besides the Instagram account. Prancing Classics is now active on Facebook as well. Therefore I decided I wanted to make it a personal goal to develop my passion for Ferrari into a proper job. One of the many nice people I met during my “Instagram journey” was Tom Westendorp. Tom had worked for several car dealers in the same area as I lived, had a big passion for Ferrari too and we always had a good laugh when we spoke about the beautiful cars the automotive world had created. Together we started, thé online Ferrari related marketplace including many blogs to keep sharing the passion for everyone!”

Tom Westendorp

Tom Westendorp


For as long as I can remember cars have always been a huge part of my life. The love for cars was fed by my grandfather who drove a BMW, the coolest car I had seen till that point. That all changed however when I first lay eyes on a Ferrari F40 at Munsterhuis Ferrari in Enschede. This was around 1994 and I couldn’t believe what I saw. The stunning red paint, the red seats, that huge rear wing, what a machine. Ever since I have been captivated by Ferrari and have read many books about the brand. In later life I started working in the classic car industry and have been since. By visiting shows, driving the cars and getting to know owners I can now truly say my Ferrari journey is underway and it won’t be long before the successor to my first Ferrari (a venerable Ferrari 308 GTB) will see a long term successor.

Jochem and I met through the internet and became friends. The idea of building his Instagram accounts into a dedicated platform didn’t let go and therefore we started building. What you see here is the vision of two Ferrari aficionado’s that want to give you a dedicated Ferrari platform and had a lot of fun building it. Core values: • One-stop shop for Ferrari buyers and sellers • Big network of both buyers and sellers • Dedicated Ferrari platform run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts • Build on passion for the brand

Image by Geraldine Lewa
Image by Benjamin Richle
Image by Joost Crop
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